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Gourmet quality, quick-meal convenience

TexaFrance is an innovative, high-quality gourmet manufacturer of sauces, condiments and unique specialty foods. We help consumers with busy lifestyles enjoy fine cuisine anytime with our extensive line of ready-to-use foods.

We also help the accomplished gourmand to push their own boundaries of culinary excellence. All of our products are made here in our kitchens using only the finest ingredients. Their fresh flavors and tantalizing textures are possible because we never compromise on quality.


Combine your favorite foods with our products to create a flavorful twist on a classic dish. Shown above: Pasta, shrimp and tomatoes with TexaFrance Traditional Basil Pesto.

Your adventure begins here

Bring exciting new flavors to classic pasta dishes with our unique pestos. Add flair to southwestern fare with our ever-popular queso. Discover the rich flavor and versatility of our Garlic Essence. Best of all, these are just a few of our gourmet and specialty foods ~ your adventure has only begun.

Best Sellers

Traditional Basil Pesto
Garlic Pesto
Five Pepper Pesto
TexaFrance Queso
Garlic Essence

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